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The Expanse Episodes

Guys, I love The Expanse. I watched the first episode online before it premiered on Syfy and was hooked. Near the end of Season 1, we met one of my favorite. The Expanse Season 4 Episode 1 is getting a special screening at New York Comic-Con this year, thanks to a panel with the cast and crew. Sci Fi Series, Bullet. Episodes (15) · 1. Fight or Flight February 7, 41min 16+ Subtitles · 2. IFF February 7, 41min 16+ · 3. Assured Destruction February 7, 43min.

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Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanische Science-Fiction​-Fernsehserie The Expanse, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen. Episodenliste[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. → Hauptartikel: The Expanse (​Fernsehserie)/Episodenliste. The Expanse Episodenguide. Alle Staffeln der Serie The Expanse. Episodenanzahl: 56 Folgen; Start in den USA: Dezember The Expanse ist eine SciFi-Serie in der sich ein Polizist und ein Letzte ausgestrahlte Episode im Herkunftsland: Cibola Burn (4x10) am Dezember Episodes (15) · 1. Fight or Flight February 7, 41min 16+ Subtitles · 2. IFF February 7, 41min 16+ · 3. Assured Destruction February 7, 43min. * Transparenzhinweis: Für gekennzeichnete Links erhalten wir Provisionen im. This week's episode of The Expanse, “Delta V,” shook up its usual storytelling style to jolt us into a new plotline. I think it worked well, although it did take me a.

The Expanse Episodes

Episodes (15) · 1. Fight or Flight February 7, 41min 16+ Subtitles · 2. IFF February 7, 41min 16+ · 3. Assured Destruction February 7, 43min. * Transparenzhinweis: Für gekennzeichnete Links erhalten wir Provisionen im. The Expanse Season 4 Episode 1 is getting a special screening at New York Comic-Con this year, thanks to a panel with the cast and crew. Sci Fi Series, Bullet. The Expanse Episodes

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Fred Johnson offenbart unterdessen dem Sonnensystem die von dem marsianischen Datenchip gewonnenen Erkenntnisse, wonach die Stealth-Schiffe auf den Bush Naval Shipyards der Vereinten Nationen gebaut wurden und somit einflussreiche Personen auf der Erde in die Verschwörung verwickelt zu sein scheinen. Diese Erkenntnis scheint bei Clarissa etwas zu bewirken. Miller geht darauf nicht ein und wird von Unbekannten entführt.

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Dort erfährt sie, dass alle Schiffe in die Mitte zur Station gezogen werden, und erkennt ihre Chance, an Bord der Rocinante gehen und Holden töten zu können. Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. Holden erzählt Ashford, dass er mit Miller sprechen kann, obwohl dieser tot ist, und dass die Wesen, die die Ringe und das Protomolekül geschaffen haben, irgendwie getötet wurden und die Ringe verwendeten, um sich selbst zu retten.

Immolation: Season 3, Episode 6. Reload: Season 3, Episode 4. Assured Destruction: Season 3, Episode 3.

Iff: Season 3, Episode 2. Science of The Expanse - Beyond Science. Shooting Partner. Final Straw. Feet Don't Fail Them Now.

Strange Bedfellows. Tit for Tat. Icy Reception. Boiling Point. Ground Control to Major Holden. Science of The Expanse - Human Evolution.

Sibling Sessions. Max Brooks' World War Z. Hope is a Thing with Zombies. Zombies and Policies. Recapping The Expanse Season 4 Part 2.

Prax, with the crew, set off for Ganymede with renewed hope his daughter is still alive. Mikael Salomon. Approaching Jupiter, the crew of the Rocinante realize that their ship is too obvious, so they commandeer the Weeping Somnambulist , unable to convince that crew they mean no harm.

The Mars delegation arrives on Earth for peace negotiations, and Bobbie Draper gives testimony that makes it look like Mars started the battle of Ganymede by accident.

Alex takes the Rocinante to hide behind a Jovian moon, awaiting a call from the crew for pickup or rescue, and Prax is unimpressed with the crew's planning abilities.

Upon arrival, Holden and Amos realize something is wrong on the Somnambulist and, while attempting to intervene, one of the Somnambulist ' s crew is killed.

A research vessel in orbit around Venus, the Arboghast , discovers that the Eros impact zone is teeming with unexplained activity, information that Avasarala matches with Bobbie Draper's additional testimony to realize that the solar system is still in danger.

Despite chastisement from her commanding officers, Bobbie sneaks out of the Martian embassy to see the ocean. She passes through an enclave of street people under some overpasses along the way.

Avasarala approaches Bobbie with images of the inhuman figure from Ganymede, now believing Mao created it as a weapon which could wind up in Mars' possession.

On Ganymede, Amos beats an information dealer for footage of Dr. Strickland taking Mei to the oldest part of Ganymede station.

Prax realizes too much damage has been done to Ganymede's ecosystem to ever repair it. A demonstration of it caused the Ganymede Incident and triggered the battle in orbit.

The technology is now for sale. Bobbie takes the information to Avasarala at the UN and requests political asylum.

Mao offers to explain everything to Avasarala if she meets with him outside of UN control. She accepts over Cotyar's objections.

They see a massive protomolecule structure before the probe fails. Holden and crew explore the old part of the station.

They find guards and scientists having a pizza party. After Prax starts a gun fight, the survivors barricade themselves in a back room.

Holden and Prax realize the protomolecule monsters are actually Belter children with genetic peculiarities and deliberately infected with protomolecule.

The fate of Mei is unclear. Most of the enemy is killed by a protomolecule monster, but a dying scientist says there are plenty more out there.

The party splits. Naomi and Amos evacuate people off Ganymede, while Holden, Prax, and Alex hunt the protomolecule monster on the surface.

Errinwright expresses remorse to Avasarala as she departs to Mao's ship with Bobbie and Cotyar. Mao claims he will give both Earth and Mars access to the protomolecule while he sits comfortably in the middle, preventing war.

Errinwright meets with Martian Defense Minister Korshunov, poisoning him with a banned toxin for Martians that makes it look as if he died from a heart attack while also ordering the destruction of the Martian black-ops ship MCRN Karakum that was dispatched to collect the protomolecule monster on Ganymede.

Errinwright subtly orders Mao to kill Avasarala and tie up loose ends. Holden becomes increasingly aggressive while hunting the protomolecule monster.

Naomi and Amos repair the Somnambulist but it carries only enough air for 52 people, while over refugees riot at the door.

Naomi, with the help of a Belter who gives up his spot to her, manages to evacuate all the children and some young adults. The protomolecule monster is shown to have stowed away aboard the Rocinante.

Thor Freudenthal. The protomolecule monster is found in the cargo bay on the Rocinante. It attacks Holden, crushing his leg and pinning him to the wall.

It tears out panels to get to the reactor core for its radiation. Amos says the only way to get rid of it is to use the air on the ship as a pressurized blast to force it into space, which would also kill Holden.

Prax sees the monster craves radiation and suggests the nuclear core in a ship's missile could lure it out. Naomi and Prax expose a core; Prax throws it into space.

The monster jumps after it and is incinerated by the main engine. Cotyar is wounded in a shootout with Mao's men.

Bobbie manages to sneak away to get her power armor and saves him and Avasarala. As the science team on the Arboghast begins a descent to the surface of Venus to examine the protomolecule structure, the ship is stopped and disassembled in an increasing spherical pattern.

Naomi confesses to Holden that she never destroyed their protomolecule sample; with Earth and Mars already fighting over it, the Belt needed it too, so she gave it to Fred Johnson.

On Io , Mei and other children are shown to be kept in stasis by Dr. The crew cleans up the Rocinante , missing a small piece of protomolecule in the process.

They also conduct repairs and rename the ship Pinus Contorta to hide during escalating tension between Earth and Mars. Errinwright convinces the UN to declare war, Mars blames Earth for the assassination of defence minister Korshunov, and everyone wonders what is happening on Venus.

Things are strained between Naomi and the crew. Though Naomi wants them to dock at Tycho, Holden picks up a protomolecule signal on Io, convincing the others to find answers for Prax.

Fred Johnson reaches out to Dawes to use the scientist and protomolecule to work together, and orders the Nauvoo retrieved as the Belt must unite as one nation.

Errinwright frames Avasarala for Eros and says she is the one working with Mao, having missiles fired at Mao's ship to kill her. Bobbie, Avasarala and Cotyar force one of the employees of the ship, Theo, to help them gather evidence to expose Errinwright, then Bobbie and Avasarala escape on Mao's racing ship Razorback , while Theo and Cotyar escape on a landing shuttle.

As the civilians of Earth get more afraid about war with Mars, Esteban calls in old friend Methodist pastor and Doctor Annushka "Anna" Volovodov; to help convince the people that God is on Earth's side.

Anna irritates Errinwright by calling for restraint. Jules-Pierre Mao visits Dr Strickland on Io, considering shutting down the whole project, though Strickland reveals the children of Ganymede can be controlled hosts for the protomolecule, including Mei.

Pursuing the Razorback , Errinwright's men fire again and Avasarala's body cannot take the force of acceleration needed to escape.

Bobbie sends out a Martian distress signal that is picked up by Holden's crew. Holden and Amos want to ignore it and Alex and Naomi want to help.

Prax breaks the tie and decides to assist them. Holden has torpedoes fired around the Razorback as a shield and then uses an explosion for cover to get in close to disable the UN ship's engines.

After Amos saves his life, Prax admits he is scared of what he will find on Io, though Amos says Prax shouldn't give up on his daughter.

As Avasarala passes out, she and Bobbie are picked up by a stunned Holden and crew. Errinwright pushes a preemptive strike against Mars' long-range capabilities.

Anna tells Esteban to take as few lives as possible so he refuses. Errinwright tells Esteban he must end this war to unite humanity against whatever comes from Venus, so Esteban has Earth launch an attack.

A malfunction allows one Martian missile to kill two million people in South America, which Errinwright reveals to Anna.

Cotyar kills Theo to maintain the story of Avasarala's death. Mao begins to bond with Mei. He demands the project be shut down when an infected child begins dying.

Avasarala recovers and tells the crew of Mao and Bobbie's role on Ganymede. Holden still doesn't want to get involved with the war.

Alex gets a message from his family that they don't need him anymore. Avasarala is disgusted Naomi gave the protomolecule to Fred Johnson.

Naomi swears to never let Avasarala or Earth get any protomolecule sample. Drummer retrieves the Nauvoo.

Esteban gives Anna's speech but it is revised by Errinwright to further justify destroying Mars before dealing with Venus. Anna is disgusted and prepares to leave.

The crew is very low on fuel and prepares to take some from a defeated Martian ship, but find three surviving Martian Marines.

Avasarala convinces Holden to send the recording of Errinwright's treason to Anna so she can get through to Esteban; shocking her just as she is about to depart.

The three Martians are disgusted they are on a stolen Martian war ship, preparing to capture it by beating Alex and taking him and Naomi hostage.

Bobbie is able to talk them down. Holden has the Martian's ship repaired so they can rejoin their fleet, giving them a copy of the Errinwright recording to pass onto their captain, whom Avasarala wants to pass it to the Agatha King.

On Io, Dr Strickland secretly keeps working on Mei's infected friend. Mao is initially furious but when he sees that the boy is communicating with the protomolecule on Venus; and learning by ripping out and disassembling his nurse's organs, Mao realizes this is the key to everything.

The Martian marines pass the Errinwright recording along to the captain of the Martian Hammurabi. Avasarala admits Earth needs a protomolecule sample but wants to unite humanity and needs Holden's help to end the war.

Naomi admits she gave the protomolecule sample to The Belt. At the lab, the boy tells Mao that the work on Venus is almost complete.

Mao orders the next subject, Mei, to be infected. Admiral Nguyen orders Mao to turn over control of the protomolecule monsters to him. Souther and his crew attempt mutiny, announcing to both Earth and Mars that they want to stand down, but Nguyen kills Souther and those loyal to him.

The UNN ships begin firing on one another. The Hammurabi offers aid to any Earth ship willing to stand down.

A wounded Nguyen launches the missiles containing the protomolecule monsters. Believing Holden's group to be Martian Marines, Mao and Strickland prepare to use the children as hostages.

The boy hybrid attacks Bobbie. A missile hits and infects the Agatha King. Holden captures Mao. Amos kills Strickland. An infected Cotyar destroys the Agatha King to stop the protomolecule.

Naomi tells Johnson about the hybrid missiles, and he destroys them. On Earth, Anna exposes Errinwright who admits his treason. Esteban orders Errinwright's arrest.

A large protomolecule structure takes off from the surface of Venus. The protomolecule forms the Ring, a structure orbiting beyond Uranus.

Earth, Mars, and the Belt send fleets to investigate it. Anna flies to the Ring with the UNN fleet.

Bobbie, reinstated into the MMC, is with the Martian fleet. Mars sues the Roci crew over the ship. A journalist and her cameraman are allowed onboard on the Roci in exchange for paying the crew's legal fees.

Dawes' representative, former pirate Klaes Ashford, is named Drummer's first officer. Ashford undermines Drummer by preventing her from spacing a drug dealer.

Koh places a bomb on the ship and kills a coworker who discovers it. A Belter racing ship slingshots through the Ring and is instantly decelerated to a near complete stop, killing the pilot.

Holden, alone in his quarters on the Roci, sees Miller sitting on his bed. Melba hides the body and returns to the Thomas Prince.

She briefly meets Anna. Holden keeps scanning himself for brain defects and protomolecule, finding neither.

Miller only shows up when he is alone. Using timestamps from Monica's footage Holden determines Miller first appeared when the racer entered the Ring.

Monica's cameraman swaps out a circuit on the Rocinante. Miller says he is an Investigator and he and Holden are tools for "it" to get to the Ring.

Melba destroys the Seung Un and sends a message with Holden claiming responsibility. The Rocinante is unable to communicate a denial.

Drummer gives the order. The ship malfunctions but eventually fires. Holden is able to get Amos to give him a minute alone, whereupon Miller says they should aim for the ring but they are moving too fast.

Holden convinces Alex to slow down and enter the Ring. The acceleration hurts everyone on board.

The ship starts to enter the Ring with the missile just behind it. The missile has been stopped and redirected by the Ring but the Rocinante is unable to communicate or access any weapons.

A Martian ship follows them inside; a probe touches the edge of the Ring and vanishes. Cohen the cameraman admits to sabotaging the ship but says he only wanted information and never met the person who contacted him to do this.

Amos sends him and Monica out of the ship to be picked up by the Martians to explain Holden's innocence. Unable to repair the ship without Naomi, Holden believes their only option is to surrender to the Martians.

On the Behemoth Ashford talks with Naomi to make her realize her heart is still with the Rocinante. Drummer rallies the Belters to enter the Ring but lets Naomi take a shuttle back to her old crew once inside.

Flashbacks reveal Melba is the other daughter of Jules-Pierre Mao who could never get his approval as he preferred Julie. Melba intends to destroy Holden for her father.

Earth's civilians are evacuated away from the Ring but Anna is able to stay. Miller has Holden investigate the center of the pocket dimension the Ring connects to.

Holden detaches himself from the ship and goes towards a structure in the center. The Thomas Prince enters the Ring.

Anna and others on board theorize the Ring is trying to isolate potential threats. Anna's friend Tilly recognizes Melba as Clarissa Mao and confronts her.

Clarissa attacks Tilly to avoid being revealed. The Investigator admits he is just a construct in Holden's brain attempting to fulfill the protomolecule's mission of discovering what happened to an ancient civilization.

As Holden goes towards the station at the center of the pocket dimension he touches a circuit, revealing Miller's last thoughts to get Holden to comply.

Believing Holden to be insane, a Martian team including Bobbie follow him. They fire at Holden but the bullets are stopped in mid-air and a Martian lieutenant is disassembled and absorbed by the station when he throws a grenade.

The station forces every ship to slow down further, interrupting Clarissa's attack on Tilly. Holden touches the circuit and is shown visions from the protomolecule's point of view.

He is shown previous events in reverse before witnessing events in the distant past, planets exploding and a connection to farther away in space, and finally loses consciousness.

Jennifer Phang. The mass deceleration caused fatalities and severe wounds among all the ships; without gravity internal wounds cannot drain, meaning many more will die.

Naomi returns to the Rocinante treating a wounded Amos and Alex. On the Behemoth , Drummer and Ashford are pinned on opposite sides of a large piece of equipment, working together to try to free themselves and learning about each other.

Drummer allows it to roll forward, crushing her further to give the ship a captain in Ashford. Once free, to treat Drummer and the others, Ashford commands the ship's drum to create spin gravity, opening the ship to everyone's wounded.

Leaving Tilly for dead, Clarissa realizes with all ships being drawn to the center, she can board the Rocinante. However, Tilly survives just long enough to tell Anna the truth.

Clarissa boards the ship and attacks Naomi, seeking Holden, but Anna follows and tasers her from behind. With Netflix leading the way, this just seemed to be standard practice for streamers.

But as competitors have arisen, things look murkier. HBO Max, too, has been releasing stuff week by week, with programming president Casey Bloys going to bat for this old-fashioned model:.

I am a huge, huge proponent of week-to-week viewing. To feed that once a week and to have people comment on it, and hate on it and love it is a lot.

You want people debating your shows. You want people having an opinion of your shows. Personally, I think this is a great call, and wish Amazon had started doing it sooner.

Danach macht sie sich in Begleitung ihres Ehemannes auf den Weg zum Mars. Wegen des gefundenen Senders halten die Crewmitglieder die Donnager für den Urheber der vorangegangenen Attacke auf die Canterbury. Dabei sticht Murtrys Folgen Auf Englisch Bereitschaft, Waffengewalt gegen Theater Rendsburg deutlich schwächer bewaffneten Gürtler einzusetzen, als Konfliktherd heraus. The Expanse Episodenguide. Admiral Souther lässt einen seiner Offiziere eine technische Störung auf dem Deck der Krankenstation fingieren, um ungestört mit Cotyar zu sprechen. Die Rakete wurde knapp hinter dem Schiff fast völlig angehalten und umgeleitet, so dass sie die Rocinante nicht treffen wird, sondern in Richtung einer sphärischen Struktur fliegt, die im Zentrum der Blase liegt. Bevor dies geschehen kann, wird jedoch bemerkt, dass Gzsz Folge Von Heute ein Schiff an The Expanse Episodes Basis landet. KG, Kopernikusstr. Juni ausgestrahlt wurde und deren Handlung auf Teilen des zweiten und dem gesamten dritten Band beruht. September auf Netflix per Streaming statt. Es Kino München Programm dem Team, unter Aufwendung aller Ressourcen ein Notsignal zu senden. Jules-Pierre Die Hochzeit Meiner Dicksten Freundin besucht Dr. Sie stellt ihn in einer Bs Vikings Drogenlabor zur Rede. Dezember bis 3. So versucht ein ebenfalls dem methodistischen Glauben angehörender Lieutenant der Princemit Anna zu sprechen, doch sie ist zu sehr Gomorrah Stream der Situation vereinnahmt und übergeht ihn. The Expanse Episodes

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The Expanse - Season 1 Recap Guys, I love The Expanse. I watched the first episode online before it premiered on Syfy and was hooked. Near the end of Season 1, we met one of my favorite. The Expanse Season 4 Episode 1 is getting a special screening at New York Comic-Con this year, thanks to a panel with the cast and crew. Sci Fi Series, Bullet. Avasarala lässt durch Cotyar die zufällige Entdeckung des zuvor durch die Rocinante zerstörten Tarnschiffs fingieren, dessen Koordinaten sie von Fred Johnson übermittelt bekommen hatte. Er gibt Meng gegenüber zu, dass ihn dessen Schicksal und das seiner Tochter anfangs nicht interessierte. In der Umlaufbahn Rosamunde Pilcher Heute Ilus binden die Besatzungen der Rocinante und der Barbapiccola die Schiffe erfolgreich zusammen und können Monika Peitsch Orbit des Gürtlerschiffes stabilisieren. Ronald Zehrfeld Kontakt Impressum Datenschutz Login. In einer The Expanse Episodes sieht man die zuvor bei der Reinigung nach der Eliminierung des Hybriden übersehene Spur des Protomoleküls an Bord der Rocinantedie sich jedoch nicht sichtbar verändert Kinox Two And A Half ausgeweitet hat. Februar bis Er versucht, die Terraner und Gürtler zu sammeln, um ihre Differenzen in Gesprächen irgendwie zu moderieren und gemeinsam den Planeten zu verlassen. Als dieser ihr nach einigen sehr forschen Nachfragen erklärt, sie werde nicht weiter Soldatin sein, weil Harry Potter Zauber Befehle nicht befolge, greift sie ihn an, zwingt ihn, die Existenz von Projekt Musik Tv Sender zuzugeben die Protomolekül-Technologie von Mao, The Expanse Episodes Demonstration auf Ganymed den Zwischenfall auslöste und die der Mars Gudrun Ritter Protogen erwerben willstiehlt seine Aufzeichnungen, flieht aus der Botschaft und beantragt politisches Asyl auf der Erde. Holden wird beim Versuch, es zu töten, von einem Frachtcontainer eingeklemmt und kann das Wesen nicht weiter bekämpfen, doch das Wesen lässt von ihm ab und fängt an, sich zum Schiffsreaktor vorzuarbeiten. The Expanse Episodes Naomi and Holden perform repairs to the Terminator and their personal relationship deepens. Under the guise of a ship explosion and radiation leak, mercenaries loyal to Submarine 707 father and Dresden place Eros into lockdown and seal the poverty-stricken citizens into radiation shelters after infecting them with Julie's blood. January 21, A Martian ship follows them inside; a probe touches the edge of the Ring and vanishes. He demands the project be shut down when an infected child begins dying. Retrieved November 23,


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